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car import

How to import a car from the UK into Australia

Importing cars to Australia is a specialised process that can be very complicated for first-timers. This article offers some guidance on the procedures for importing a car from the UK into Australia.

Import Options

Identifying which import option is most appropriate for you will depend on a number of factors, firstly being the type of vehicle you are importing. This article deals specifically with the process of importing cars; if you are not sure which scheme to follow for other vehicles, contact the Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Importing a new car from the UK means you will be following the ‘New Vehicles option’ or the ‘Test and Evaluation Vehicles option’. Importing a used car from the UK follows a different process, which is dependent on when the car was manufactured and whether it was once used in Australia and is now being imported back to Australia.


  1. Vehicle Import Approval

The first step you must conduct, after doing your research and choosing the car you want to import, is to apply for a vehicle import approval. Send it to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport and once you receive their feedback, consider the conditions they impose upon you for importing your vehicle from the UK.

  1. Shipping

Arrange shipping and ensure your UK car supplier will prepare the car so it is not a quarantine risk.

  1. Customs

You need to lodge an import declaration and pay all relevant taxes, ensuring you abide to the appropriate conditions.

  1. Australian Quarantine

Lodge your application to Australian Quarantine and book an inspection appointment. You may need to modify the vehicle to meet Import Approval Conditions.

  1. Registering the vehicle 

Once you have followed the prior tips, it is time to register your vehicle so you can put it to use.


An important step before importing a car from the UK to Australia is evaluating whether the costs of the process outweigh the tangible and intangible benefits. A quick summary of the costs you must prepare for, as outlined in the steps to importing your car, include:

  • Shipping and customs costs
  • Taxes and duties
  • Compliance costs
  • Registration and insurance

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The Benefits of Restaurant Bookkeeping Services

Owning and managing a successful restaurant requires the ability to not only provide high-quality dishes, but also the ability to properly manage your finances at all times. Understanding how to go about managing a restaurant’s finances is not always easy, especially if you find your restaurant booming with business and taking on additional overhead. Working together with accountants for restaurants who specialize in the restaurant business is highly recommended whether you are managing your very first restaurant or if you simply need additional professional assistance with handling the books.

Services Restaurant Bookkeepers Provide

Working with accounts for restaurants is a way for you to quickly organize and gather the specifics of your income, expenses and other invoices you receive each month. Restaurant bookkeepers have experience with handling inventor, stock and overhead for various types of chain restaurants as well as family owned establishments. Accountants who specialize in the restaurant industry can also help you with getting even steeper discounts on the ingredients, utensils and restaurant supplies you choose to order based on their own personal knowledge and experience with working together with similar businesses.

Benefits of restaurant bookkeeping services

One of the biggest benefits of working together with restaurant bookkeeping services is the ability to save time from working with the numbers and the finances of your business on your own. When you have the assistance of a professional accountant for restaurants, it is much easier to focus on the growth of your restaurant in other areas, such as customer service and food and menu choices. Learning more about accounting, managing your finances and the best ways to invest your profits can also be done with the assistance of a professional accountant.

Bookkeeping services also provide in-depth reports of overall overhead, expenses, new invoices as well as the amount of profit you are also generating on average daily, weekly and even monthly. It is also possible to work with accountants who specialize in restaurants who are also capable of managing payroll for your entire restaurant and all of the employees you have hired. Having an accountant who specializes in managing restaurants handle your payroll taxes and accounting is another way to gain insight into any positions that are expendable and no longer necessary for the cost.

With the help of restaurant bookkeeping professionals, it is much easier to monitor your business growth and whether or not current marketing and advertising campaigns you have running are working successfully.

Understanding the benefits of restaurant bookkeeping services and how they can work in your favor is a way for you to ensure you maintain profitability while growing your business even more. Working alongside accountants who specialize in restaurants and the food industry can give you the time you need to focus on growing other areas of your business rather than being stressed or overworked with the financial aspect of your company.

James Oliver is a writer and currently manages his own restaurant bookkeeping service, providing everyday pieces on accountants for restaurants and the benefits of using a professional option.

Forge Workers Safety Tips – Preventing Common Eye Injuries

It’s not until a worker sustains an eye injury that they really give any thought to the severity of the subject. Of course, by this time it’s far too late to do anything about it and the result could be anything from minor discomfort to several weeks off work to a complete and total loss of sight in both eyes. According to recent statistics, well over 35,000 working days are lost across the UK each and every year due to eye injuries of various natures. What’s even more painful is that the same studies highlight the fact that at least 90% of such injuries were completely avoidable, were it only for common sense safety precautions being followed.

In industries like those of the metal forging specialist, there are certain dangers present that go above and beyond those of the average workplace and therefore must be factored into the daily activities and behaviours of each and every employee. As such, leading UK forging companies have once again come together to issue a series of simple and concise guidelines on the kinds of safe working practices that can minimise a worker’s likelihood of sustaining an eye injury while working on the forging process.


fire safety

To prevent eye injuries certain safety requirements need to be met.

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And here they are:

1 – Read Workplace Guidelines and Follow Them

Every workplace has its own slightly different rules and regulations to follow due to the unique nature of the workplace. The same also goes for the machinery present and the firm’s take on the forging process – in all instances it’s of crucial importance to read, understand and practice them to the latter. And if there’s anything unclear, ask questions before doing anything.

2 – Wear the Correct Eye Protection

There will be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available for use during various stages of the forging process and they’re on-hand for a reason. As mentioned above, it takes only the slightest abnormality in the process to send a piece of debris into the eye or eyes of a worker, which can have life-long consequences of the worst kind. And while on the subject, it’s important to ensure that all PPE is in a good state of repair – this is everyone’s responsibility to keep an eye on…no pun intended.

3 – Where Guards Are Present, Make Sure They’re Correctly Positioned

A variety of machinery used during the forging process will feature an in-built screen or guard to serve as something of a barrier between the worker and the most hazardous parts of the machine. Some fall into the rather dangerous habit of assuming that if they wear PPE then they don’t need to pay attention to these screens – an attitude that’s just begging for an eye injury.

4 – Safety Masks Should Be Worn On Top of Safety Glasses

It’s a common misconception that if you’re wearing a safety mask, you don’t need to bother with safety glasses or goggles. This is the kind of thing that even the most well-meaning and safety conscious of workers may need reminding of from time to time as it’s perfectly possible for a safety mask to offer insufficient eye protection and result in serious injury should there be an accident or process abnormality.

5 – Keep Tabs on Vision

Another hugely important though often overlooked factor is that of the actual vision of the worker in question. Unless the worker involved in the forging process has perfect 20:20 vision or is using the necessary glasses or contact lenses to provide perfect vision, there’s a good chance they’re putting their own health and safety at risk, along with that of everyone around them.

6 – Know Emergency Procedures

When an eye injury is sustained, seconds can make the difference between a fast recovery and a lifetime of blindness. As such, all employees need to know not only where the nearest eyewash station is, but also what to do if they witness any other employee in distress after suffering an eye injury.

fire safety1

Make sure you know the emergency procedures for a forge.

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7 – Report All Injuries and Near Misses

It’s important not to wait until somebody loses an eye before an incident it reported and recorded. From the smallest of accidents to even the near misses where something almost happened, it’s only by monitoring these things that it becomes possible to better control all such risks and minimise the chance of a serious injury occurring.

8 – Look Out for Each Other

And finally, responsible employees should not only understand and practice all of these guidelines, but they should also be proactive in ensuring that those around them do the same. It’s in everyone’s best interests to promote a safe working environment as when and where any kind of accident occurs, it’s everyone’s health and safety on the line – not just the primary party responsible for causing it.

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gluten free iron

Check With Your Doctor About Gluten-Free Iron Supplements

You finish a meal, and shortly after, you feel bloated. Your stomach gives that familiar gurgle that signals trouble. You may even feel constipated. Sound familiar? Then you might have a gluten allergy. The recent discover of gluten as an allergen has meant a drastic shift in lifestyle for many people, but it also resulted in a major increase in the quality of life. No longer did they suffer from ailments they had no explanation for, nor did they have to endure constant stomach pains and headaches as a result. However, gluten is present in many supplements, which created a major problem.

Gluten allergies come in many forms, but the most common kind is a celiac sensitivity. Celiac disease is a condition that prevents the intestines from working properly, but a gluten allergy can irritate the condition. The other form is a non-celiac sensitivity, in which gluten triggers what is known as an innate immune response. This is what the body does in reaction to disease or external invaders, and works as a protective mechanism. However, in this case, it backfires, attacking the body’s own tissue rather than that it should target.

The body’s subsequent reaction of purging the attackers is what causes headaches and intestinal difficulties.

Gluten-Free Iron Supplements

Many people take iron supplements because of low levels of iron in the blood. When a person suffers from a deficit of this mineral, it can result in anemia and fatigue. While iron is normally absorbed from red meat and fish, a vegetarian diet or heavy bleeding, such as during a menstrual cycle, can prompt the need for supplement pills.

Those prone to accidents are particularly at risk, as anemia makes it difficult for the blood to clot, resulting in uncontrolled bleeding that makes even minor injuries much more life threatening. In response to this need, certain pharmaceutical companies have begun to produce gluten free iron supplements. These pills work exactly as their counterparts, with the exception that they do not cause any of the allergic reactions that gluten is prone to.

If you suffer from a gluten allergy, there is no need to avoid iron supplements. Take back control of your life and get the energy you deserve. Check with your local pharmacy or physician for recommendations on what supplement is right for you. Your doctor can prescribe a specific kind that best suits your needs. Iron supplement pills work best when used in conjunction with a healthy diet that promotes absorption of iron from natural sources. They are available both in pill form and as a liquid iron supplement.

Author Bio. : John Smith is a writer and his own experiences with gluten allergies have given him the first-hand knowledge to inform others about the need for gluten free iron supplements, both as pills and in a liquid iron supplement form.

appliance repair

What to Look for in an Appliance Repair Company

Home appliances make life easy. Think for a moment: what would it be like without a dishwasher, a laundry machine, or a refrigerator? It would be like living in the stone age. Unfortunately, appliances are also complex machines, and machines sometimes break down. However, when that happens, it’s usually better to have the appliance in question repaired, rather than invest in a new one. Not only is repairing an appliance cheaper and more cost effective, but it’s also better for the environment!

Nearly any appliance can be repaired. Anything from a washer and dryer combo to a stove. The average home owner will experience their first problems usually with a washer or dryer; the moving parts and extreme conditions both of the machines experience can cause parts to degrade more quickly than an oven or a refrigerator might. However, the cost for repair is usually small.

In larger cities, appliance repairmen can come straight to your home and have everything back in working order within just a few hours of work. There’s no need to load up a heavy appliance on a truck and carry it to their shop. San Fransisco is an example of this; trying to carry a dryer up any of the city’s famous hills would be an exercise in futility.appliance repair in San Francisco is a simple matter, though; a quick look through the phone book will give you the number of several different companies that can get you up and running in no time.

To find the best appliance repair company, look for one that offers same-day services; after all, you don’t want to have to wait a week while the food in your freezer slowly spoils. Companies that offer discounts for certain criteria are also good options. Perhaps the most important aspect to look for is emergency repair; if it’s necessary, can the company send someone after hours or on a weekend? Sometimes things break down at the absolute most convenient times and in the most spectacular ways. When this happens, you don’t have time to sit around and wait several days – you need repair immediately.

While proper maintenance and care of appliances can extend their lifespans, sometimes things need the professional touch. When this happens, contact someone who knows what they’re doing – not your cousin who likes to tinker with stuff. Appliance repair in SF is a simple matter, and there are more than enough technicians to attend to every need that might arise. Next time you notice a leaky washer or a stove that just doesn’t seem to cook anything properly, give one of them a call. Don’t wait for an issue to grow worse.

Author bio. : John Smith is a writer with experience in home design and mechanics. He writes about appliance repair in San Francisco in order to help consumers find the best repairmen they can. He knows the value of a good appliance repairmen in SF.


5 Places to Have Fun in Europe

There are so many beautiful places you can visit in Europe. You can enjoy all the sights and have fun even when doing simple things like having a rest on a bench or having a glass of wine.


Everyone has heard that the Gates of Paradise, Duomo or Michelangelo’s David are captivating, but in Florence, beauty can speak to a traveler unexpectedly. You may accidentally go into a church to escape the heat outside and you will imperceptibly spend two hours staring at the incredible blue mural. Or you will be inspired to write a sonnet about pear ice cream. It’s just that kind of place. Do not miss the sunset over the Arno and the famous wines from the region south of the city, Chianti.


Rome is one of those cities where you can spend a whole year and still feel like you barely touched its surface. There are amazing historical sites that stimulate the imagination of art and of course – countless culinary delights. Stop in Forno in Campo de Fiori for a delicious slice of the Bianca pizza (just taken from the six-foot hot oven), buy a few tiny strawberries from a street market and set a goal to find the best ice cream in town – such simple things can bring you so much fun…


Everyone wants to see the major sights of Paris – it is true, it would be a crime not to visit the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame. But you can also really enjoy this city when you get away from all these tourist attractions and just sit at a table in a small cafe on a magic square. Let the world pass around you and enjoy a wonderful glass of wine.


Berlin is a city with many faces. Give your senses the pleasure to feel some unique modern architecture, and then visit the baroque palace. Spend the day at one of the best zoos in the world, and the evening – listen to some of the best classy orchestras worldwide. Most visitors include in their journey sights associated with WWII or the dark, but thought-provoking exhibition of Terror.


We often hear the question “When is the next Prague?” All of us want to be discovering new places as much as possible, but we wouldn’t even think that Prague is over after the first visit there. We all have heard about this city and indeed this is a great place with outstanding historical and cultural attractions, which is definitely worth a visit. The often reconstructed castle overlooks the town from the 9th century, and the synagogues in the Jewish quarter are great to visit. The night life here is varied and plentiful – from trendy clubs to sophisticated wine bars. And you can cool off anywhere with a glass of ice beer…

Before starting your trips, make sure your vehicle is ready for them and book driving practical test. Thus, you will be able to have fun and to be safe at the same time.

air conditioning training

Air Conditioning Training for Beginners and Efficient Certification Renewal

If you’re interested in learning about air conditioning and refrigeration or require efficient certification renewal then you are in the right place. Air Conditioning Training will allow newcomers to AC&R access to gain the knowledge that he or she needs to provide quality service to customers when repairs or trouble shooting are required. As a beginner in training, you will give yourself a great opportunity of learning about the latest and highly technical air conditioning systems deployed today. You will also gain additional benefits from learning about the latest refrigeration technologies, multi-split HVAC systems and heat pump technologies together with quality electrical skills.

Air condition training for beginners and advanced engineers is available in various locations. The thing is, it is up to you to choose the location that is most suitable for you and/or your employer who may choose a location close to the business. If you are choosing a facility to attend for training courses, you will need to find a day and time that is most suitable to your scheduling. If you don’t find an appropriate date and time, you’ll be instructed to contact the facility for future air conditioning training dates. Quality ACR training centres will also remind you or your employer when your certifications such as F-Gas are due for renewal.

On average the cost of training and required certification will be around £250 in the UK. Pertaining to a person’s qualifications, he or she could be eligible for utility incentive programs and rebates. Depending on the requirements to obtain air condition certification, you may need to complete 4 hours of HVAC discipline and 2 hours of mechanical code which will be applied towards your certification renewal. Just like any other testing or training course, a quality AC&R training provider will ensure you have everything you require to gain quality practical knowledge and hands-on experience of the subject. In many cases, training providers will not only maintain their own records of your achievements, but will furnish delegates with in depth course notes and supporting documentation, allowing the trainee to refer back to technical data if required.

Each course you attend will be instructed by highly qualified and talented staff. They will teach you every detail there is to learn about air conditioning while at the same time allowing beginners to get hands on experience with the latest equipment and technology. Doing so will make sure that he or she learns every detail of air conditioning without mistakenly missing any steps. To make things a bit more comfortable for beginners, the setup of the environment resembles an air conditioning work zone. Each beginner will complete each course with the knowledge needed for a career in environmental control and more advanced personnel can enjoy efficient certification renewal.

Seeking Air Conditioning Training as a beginner is the best move for those looking for a career move into a rapidly growing industry. You will not only allow yourself to obtain the appropriate knowledge and certification to carry out air conditioning and refrigeration repairs, but will be enabling yourself to provide improved services to your customers in your area thus setting high standards for yourself, your business and your competition. Why not get the knowledge you deserve from highly skilled and certified technicians? Take advantage of the Air Conditioning Training today!

Author Bio: Cedrick Oldham has been articulating Air Conditioning Training for many years. Above article will let you know how to schedule your course date, the cost and importance on why beginners should attend the training course.

dog tricks

How Your Dog Can Benefit from Being Crate Trained

Plans to welcome a puppy into your home mean that, without delay, you should acquire a much-needed crate. It is the best proven way, so far, to train your dog to function in the home. Not only is it rapid and efficient, it is effective in training him/her to eliminate at the right time and place. Since the dog should be safe and at ease while occupying the crate, proper training meets this need. At times when the dog should remain in one place, such as during an emergency or travel, he/she will also be safe.

Puppies would opt not to mess up their sleeping space. This is the main reason why crate training is so effective. Your pup should only be granted sufficient room to move about without obstruction, for in-stance, when standing or lying down. Too much leeway will encourage him/her to retire at one end after eliminating at the other.

It is paramount not to utilise the crate for correction or to keep your dog penned up for hours. Taking recess from play and during bathroom times is perfect. The dog only needs comfortable space for re-quired and necessary movements. As your pet becomes proficient in bladder and bowels control, you may consider extending the hours. It should still not be an excessive length of time. Once crate training has been achieved successfully, your dog will be happy to escort him/herself to their very own quarters, including during sleep times.

If your mammal friends need veterinary care, check out The Unusual Pet Vets. You will find a top-quality rabbit vet, awesome reptile vet and bird vet. They are reputable and will care for your pet, whether it is a pet rat or tortoise. They will experience superb care at The Unusual Pet Vets:

radon mitigations

How Radon Mitigation Can Keep Your Home Safe and Healthy

Owning a home brings many concerns. In some areas of the country, radon gas that exists in soil and water can permeate the home’s foundation. Radon is a hazardous compound that can affect the health of you and your family members. Fortunately, radon mitigation can help to remove radon in home structures and provide a healthier environment.

Understanding Radon

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs in nature. It is colorless, odorless and tasteless, so there is no way to know if it is present in your own without special testing equipment. Radon is produced by the natural breakdown of uranium in the environment. It can be carried in soil and water into the home where it is then released into the indoor spaces. Radon gas has been associated with serious health consequences.

How Radon Affects Health

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General have determined that radon gas is hazardous to human health. Radon has been strongly linked to the incidence of lung cancer, causing as many as 20,000 new cases each year. The link is even greater when the person smokes. If your have a family history of lung cancer, having an indoor environment that is healthy and free of carcinogens is a critical factor in maintaining good health. In addition, children may be particularly vulnerable to radon exposure because of their high respiration rate and the rapid cell division that occurs in their bodies.

Radon Testing

Homeowners that believe they live in an area of the country that has a high radon level often choose to do testing of their homes. Radon tests are available at home improvement and hardware stores. These home tests can alert you to a radon problem in your home so that you can contact a mitigation contractor for advice. These professionals will be able to more accurately measure the radon problem and determine the best solution.

What Is Radon Mitigation?

Radon mitigation uses specific equipment to improve air flow in a structure to remove it from areas of the home. They are certified in the special techniques needed for radon mitigation. The specific type of technique depends on whether your home has a traditional foundation, a crawl space or a concrete slab. Mitigation techniques generally involve suctioning the air from beneath the home and venting it an outdoor area.

Hiring A Radon Mitigation Contractor

Radon mitigation contractors have the special training and equipment necessary to determine how much radon an area of the home contains and the best way to release it safely to the outside environment. Your state or local community may provide a list of certified radon contractors available in your area. Homeowners are advised to get several price quotations before choosing a contractor.

James Mayhugh has worked in the radon mitigation field for past 20 years. He invites readers to enhance their awareness on radon mitigation Utah and the premier providers of related construction services in Utah.

synthetic boat

Synthetic Teak for Boats: The Right Choice With Many Uses

When the words teak and boats are used together, an image of luxury immediately comes to mind. For several hundred years, teak has been much sought after for the construction of working ships and boats, and pleasure craft. Although most ships and boats are now made of materials other than wood, teak is still treasured for its beauty and the durability that makes it an excellent material for watercraft. Even on vessels not made of wood, teak is a desired material for decking and decorative purposes.

Although once a comparatively inexpensive wood, teak has increased in price over the last decades and has been replaced with other materials. For those who want the traditional look of teak without the high price tag, there is good news. synthetic teak decking is available at a reasonable cost as a replacement for wood on an older vessel or building an entirely new one. While you may not have considered using synthetic teak instead of the natural product, you should think about it. There are some important advantages to using the engineered instead of the natural material.

Advantages of Synthetic Teak

• Synthetic teak is fade and stain resistant. Natural teak fades to a gray color over time. If you want to maintain the wood’s brown color, it is necessary to treat it. The treatment will need to be repeated over the life of the vessel. Also the natural wood is susceptible to stains of all kinds. Synthetic teak does not fade and it is stain resistant.

• It eliminates the need for sanding and varnishing. Teak, like all natural wood, wears and splinters with use and requires periodic sanding. If the boat owner has decided to keep the teak its brown color then it must be treated with varnish on a regular basis. The finish of manufactured wood is permanent and can be refreshed by using a hose and water. It will never splinter.

• It is safer than natural wood. Superior kinds of manmade teak have a nonslip finish that provides excellent traction even when it is wet or messy from fishing, gutting fish, or other activities. This same finish provides a comfortable walking surface.

• It is cooler that natural teak. While the manufactured decking can get as hot as the real wood, the good news is that a good quality material cools off at least twice as fast as the natural product. Studies have shown that some types of the created wood planking actually do not get as hot as the natural kind.

• It can increase the value of your boat. Synthetic teak looks just like forest or plantation-grown teak. Replacing worn natural teak with a good quality synthetic form means while you are decreasing the work and cost of the upkeep of your vessel, the beauty and life of your boat can actually be increased.

Can I Find Affordable teak for my boat ?

Happily, the answer to your question is a resounding yes. Synthetic teak decking is available online and at your local builder’s supply at reasonable prices in a variety of sizes. You can find a great quality synthetic teak that will transform your boat into the beauty you dream about.

Author Bio.: David Wood is a full-time freelance writer with a lifetime interest in boating and fishing. David’s writing offers insights on synthetic teak decking, and provides answers to queries related to teak for my boat.